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Trinity (Account name PlayerUnknownFan19) is a protagonist of The ROBLOX Movie. It was voiced by Tom Ridgewell.



A dark shadow virus came to ROBLOX, then he got arrested for being mistaken as a traitor, that mimic with different Infinity Stones colors is a imposter.


He escaped alive as a prisoner & fled to Mad City International Airport. His friends got corrupted by the dark shadow virus, and goes to ROBLOXia Wishing Well, throws a coin at the well, giving him a G36C. He told Mad City Police Department he didn’t do it, it was the imposter. the imposter was the mad scientist. The mad scientist made lots of clones, and found him in his lab, he decides to shoot him. Then the victim’s corpse fell down, turning his corpse into a monster. He fled to the egg tank to destroy him. Then destroyed him.

3020 (Alternate Timeline)[]

He tries to neutralise Aymor and he already neutralised it.

December 3rd[]

He got into the EGG TANK and destroy all bacon soldiers. The general arms up the RPG and destroys both legs, causing him to self destruct it. He tried to escape but it blown up, the remains of Trinity is unknown.


Due to the destruction of ROBLOXia, the tank is left rusted. As the paper says, “I got transported away by RQD. And I’M all dead.” suggesting that he is going to be deceased. This was not confirmed.


  • Trinity was supposed to be version of Mike. This is related to Monsters, Inc. references.
  • Trinity gonna be voice by Kevin Lerdwichagul, but it not confirmed. Many people including Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Harry Brown & Martin Yeung were planned to be voiced.
  • In The Art of The ROBLOX Movie, something was planned:
    • Trinity was supposed to be dressed in jacket & hat.
    • Trinity supposed to has son & wife. It is unknown how he been putted in this movie.
  • Trinity like chocolate ice cream & 7 Up.
  • Trinity dislikes Bowser.
  • Trinity like playing games, including Link Awakening & Super Mario Party.
  • Trinity is scared of ghosts.
  • Trinity is born in America.

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