Tom (Account name tomaskamenik) is a antagonist from The ROBLOX Movie.

History Edit

He created the the mystery virus. He didn’t kept his lab locked for 999999999 days. He killed Samuel’s Mother.

The ROBLOX Movie Edit

She disguise as Trinity to fool him to make him arrested. And accidentally killed his assistant mistaking his assistant to be RWBY Noggin, Because she was using her disguise.

He died by getting shot by Trinity, Making his corpse fall down in mutant liquid. Turning his corpse into a monster. And he fight between the trio squads.

The ROBLOX Movie: Different But Brain Dead Edit

"Trinity: Come on, hang it. Did you know last time when me goes on adventure to defeat Tom?

Other: Nope." ― A quote when ask team for rest.

He not make an appearance in this movie, but he mentioned by PlayerUnknownFan19 during the mission with SwagmasterAndFriendz, RWBYNoggin, Ruby Rose & kittycat9292.

Likes Edit

  • R.S.S.
  • His assistant
  • Deleting ROBLOX

Dislikes Edit

  • Being killed
  • Daddy DJ
  • Get defeated
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