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The ROBLOX Movie 5, or The ROBLOX Movie: Corrupted in Time, is a movie that released in 3089. It was a sequel to all 4 movies & prequel.


1000 years later after Swagmaster69696969696 & Trinity’s disappearance, Swag & Trinity was transported to Metro City, a new city based on future. Swag & Trinity live in apartment room. Meanwhile, Bowser raids the city & corrupt them. Then, Swag & Trinity saves the city from corrupted.


  • SwagmasterAndFriendz as Swagmaster69696969696
  • PlayerUnknownFan19 as Trinity
  • Luke Lerdwichagul as SMG4
  • Kevin Lerdwichagul as Bowser
  • David Axel Cazares Casanova as Sr Pelo


  • According to description, this movie dedicated to Desmond Daniel Amofah, who being missing on June 19, 2019 & was discovered dead in East River of June 25. On June 26, the Office of Chief Medical Examiner determined that Amofah committed suicide by drowning.