The ROBLOX Movie Wiki

TRM, also know as The ROBLOX Movie, is platform game released for Mobile & PC in December 2019. Linux & Steam is released sometimes in 2020.


Mobile & PC:

“Oh noes! Tom surrounded the ROBLOXIA World! You played as two heroe in ROBLOXIA. Help ROBLOXIA, defeat Tom and win!”


“Hello there! You need help ROBLOXIA, there’s is secret big lab across the casino. There’s is Tom, who see everything. Such a hallway, lobby, & white padded room. Do wanna prevent Tom? Get rid of Tom now!”


“Tom surrounded the world! Help my country! You can use abilities, power ups & many more!”

In Mobile & PC, “no” was misspelled as “noes”, and “heroes” was misspelled as “heroe”.


The gameplay for Mobile, Steam & PC has story mode, where you can play as PlayerUnknownFan19 & SwagmasterAndFriendz. For Linux it has 4 modes, including Story Mode, SMG4 Escapades, Boss Rush & Prime Rush. It has 20 lives. There is quests in Mobile, where Noober lost his parts & shepherd lost her sheep.

Levels (Mobile & PC)[]

  1. Trinity‘s Prison Escape (You can play as PlayerUnknownFan19, because SwagmasterAndFriendz seen at the end of the level)
  2. Street Rush (Look like the Linux mode, Prime Rush)
  3. The Slinging Deserts (Bosses: Gunslinger & Bandits) (Shepherd‘s Sheep: 4) (Noober’s Body Parts: Noob‘s Head Broom)
  4. The Cave of Life (Bosses: Stone Hulk) (Noober’s Body Parts: Legs) (Shepherd‘s Sheep: 10)
  5. Pizza Planet (level based on Toy Story place) (Bosses: Mr. Pizza) (Noober’s Body Parts: Arm)
  6. Tom’s Hallway (Shepherd’s Sheep: 19) (Target: Tom)
  7. Tom’s Showdown (Bosses: Monster Tom)

Levels (Linux & Steam)[]

  1. Prison Escape Rush
  2. Boycott Overtakes
  3. Wild West
  4. The Mystery Cave
  5. Pizza’s Restaurant
  6. Outside Tom’s Lab
  7. Tom’s Big Hallway
  8. Inside the Vent
  9. Tom’s Defeat

Modes in Linux[]

SMG4 Escapades[]

ThIs mode where you save Robloxian people who in emergency & catch Tom’s minion who try to surround & ruin the ROBLOXIA.

  • In Level 1, this Tom’s minions try to rob the bank. Catch him so the police officer can sent him to jail.
  • In Level 2, this ROBLOXIA Office in fire. Save him so he can evacuate.
  • In Level 3, 3 people are back from defeat Tom. Sent him to home so he can take a nap.
  • In Level 4, Tom’s minions is shooting the church. Catch him so the church restore peace.
  • In Level 5, 194 injured & 18 killed in car accident. Sent him to hospital.

Boss Rush[]

This mode where you can defeat all bosses. Defeat all bosses will receive a star. If you defeat then you quit or retry.

Prime Rush[]

This mode where Prime Squads try to make a way to Tom’s lab, but this is endless mode. Hit the obstacle will made him arrive in Tom’s lab & new record what you reach.