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Glitched in Time is a movie.


A black ROBLOXian called #(#(#7@(#(#(#;%(( (sometimes The Virus, formerly Glitch) has spreaded things to look realistic! Kitty needs someone’s help. She evacuated everyone out of ROBLOXia. Finally, the clones took her, now Trinity works for the DSSF & RAF. A DSSF missile nuked the infected cities. But they found his lair. Where he jailed them & tortured them. They need to delete The Virus. And he was deleted.


Kitty - kittycat9292 (Protagonist)

Luke Lerdwichagul - SMG4 (Protagonist)

Trinity - PlayerUnknownFan19 (Supporting)

??? - The Virus (Antagonist)


  • Instead of GiT, in the movie title, was totally misspelled as SiT, meaning Scrambled in Time.
  • This is the movie where DSSF & RAF debuted.
  • This time, the movie be release in October 31, 2019. But moved to February 14, 2020 due the game release given to Luigi‘s Mansion 3, but moved to September 2035 due release given to Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie, but moved to January 12, 3022 because designer redesign Trinity.
  • This is only movie to replace Trinity.