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TRM2 is movie made by DSA Studios. It should be released in middle of February 2020, but it was delayed to 17th February 2026.


Part 1[]

While Ruby Rose decided to travel to a mysterious island closer to ROBLOXia, the plane crashed and Kitty investigated the accident. She found something wrong with ROBLOXia, The Egg of Realm fell down into Aymor, causing Booker to panic. And causing Aymor to grow larger. She uses a HK416 to defeat Aymor again.

Part 2[]

The crew got into the EGG TANK and killed all bacons. But the general just blew up the EGG TANK, leaving remaining crew members alive. The general shot Kitty in the leg. Taurus shot the general multiple times, leaving the general dead.


ROBLOXia has been in ruins. Allowing some DSA people to make a new country named “New DSA”.


Trinity - PlayerUnknownFan19 (Protagonist)

RWBY Noggin - Himself (Protagonist)

Swagmaster69696969696 - SwagmasterAndFriendz (Protagonist)

Kitty - kittycat9292 (Protagonist)

Unnamed - Ruby Rose (Not appearing in pt 2) (Supporting)

Oli Zigzag - Himself (Supporting)

Unnamed Soldier - Soldier 91 (Not appearing in pt 2) (Supporting)

Username - Bacon General (Only appears in pt 2) (Antagonist)

Booker - Himself (Not appearing in pt 2) (Supporting)

Aymor - Himself (Not appearing in pt 2) (Antagonist)

Some Bacon Soldiers - Themselves (Only appears in pt 2) (Minor Antagonists)

Taurus - Himself (Only appears in pt 2) (Protagonist)


  • This is third version of Trinity.
  • This movie take place after the event of Tom and his assistant.