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"She love torture ROBLOX, for fun!" ― DanTDM, in sneak peek movie.

The ROBLOX Crasher, or Tommy Jackson is main antagonist in The ROBLOX Movie, but he was cut and was replaced by Tom.

Role in the film[]

Like Tom, she dislikes ROBLOX, so she plan to build the RSS Lab to defeat ROBLOX, but she was get arrested near the end, cause staff shocked because it was closed. Swagmaster69696969696 & Trinity rebuilded with friends and recalled into “ROBLOXIA HQ”.

The ROBLOX Movie[]

Because of being deleted, she was seen as poster & game in SMG4’s Game Store. It unknown how it will release in future.

The ROBLOX Movie: Different But Brain Dead[]

She made as cameo as plane driver, but he dead by crashed. She seen without the RSS logo on shirts. She wears plane job dress with guard hat & hoodie.