The ROBLOX Movie Wiki

This is beta version of The ROBLOX Movie, which isn’t completed.


A newcomer & lazy man name Lazy Larry[1] are lazy to work, she live in underground shop, but she meet Samuel’s Mother[2] who try to find Samuel. But she told him to find anywhere. But she surprised by David[3], the president of town. She asks hamburger with pickles & barbecue. But he makes joke to David & get sent to jail where he meets Kitty[4] & The ROBLOX Crasher[5], and lives in jail forever. So she watch TV until the night. After that Larry says: “Now we are back to shop”. Then Kitty happy, but The ROBLOX Crasher is not fair. But twos are escape make her angry. After escaping, she try to crossing the road to steals the car[6]. After that, they’re run & sneak into the hallway[7]. But they saw the mystery man[8] and greets him. So Larry, Kitty & mystery man try to call police & now the crasher get arrested. Then Larry, Kitty & mystery man live in underground shop with peace.

Changed Things[]

  1. A protagonist who is replaced by Trinity.
  2. A minor character who removed in final version.
  3. A president which rechanged name to President Schwifty.
  4. A deuteragonist replaced with Swagmaster.
  5. A main antagonist is replaced with Tom.
  6. Lazy Larry & Kitty are crossing the road to escape are reused in the final version.
  7. Larry & Kitty sneaking in hallway are reused in the final version.
  8. A tritagonist replaced with RWBY Noggin.