Swagmaster69696969696 or else SwagmasterAndFriendz is PlayerUnknownFan19‘s friends.

History Edit

Early Edit

He used as creator of Time Back for The Awesome Mario Series, now as ROBLOX player! TOO BAD! SWAGMASTER TIME!

2019 & 3019 Edit

He seen inside Epic 7-Eleven drink more Sprite Cranberry. Also team up with friends.

Likes Edit

  • Daddy DJ
  • Toy Story 4
  • Drinking the Sprite Cranberry
  • Pixar
  • Nintendo
  • Strawberry
  • Tom’s Betrayal

Dislikes Edit

  • Get deleted
  • Tom betrays him
  • Get Trinity is arrested

Trivia Edit

  • In the comic (which made for development of the movie), Swagmaster has a wife, but it unknown how his wife made into the movie.
  • In the early treatment, the deutragonist was Kitty. But it removed in final version & replaced with himself.
  • In sneak peek, Swag was supposed to be without arms. She can pick things & play poker using legs.
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