Swag & Trinity: Stolen Money, or Swag & Trinity is the prequel to The ROBLOX Movie. It release in February 2020.

Plot Edit

This film take place before Trinity & Swag work at underground shop & defeat wacky villain.

The film begins with Trinity is arrive in Bowser’s Castle. She dodge the obstacle until Bowser’s final boss but he get defeated. This cut to Trinity’s nephew playing the game called Trinity vs Bowser in the plane while Swag find the hat. Trinity says if he wait for land into Dinosaur Land.

After landing into Dinosaur Land, tour guide request the crew for tour until they can enjoy dinosaur party.

When night approaches, the crew began to sleep, but they found tour guide get kidnapped by Bowser (who forgot to tie bags cause coins scattered around the land). So the twins goes on adventures including Trinity’s nephew.

She goes on adventure to Yoshi’s Island (to meet Yoshi), Wishing Land, Mountain Dino, The Forest & later Bowser’s Basement. She defeat Bowser who want the coins. But Bowser became bigger & more bigger.

After defeating Bowser, the tour guide was saved & announces the crews that vacation is cancelled.

10 years later, Swag, Trinity & his nephew has graduated from ROBLOX Academy. While threes are going home, Trinity’s nephew says goodbye to twins to work at office, let the twins sad in chair, but his friend of Trinity & Swag give him a newspaper that report twins is a hero until his mom’s car appear and she say goodbye to twins. The twins saw the back newspaper that reads:

“Wanna work at random shops? Work here!


Call now! 182731-191-28”

So she works at 7-BLOX as end credits appear.

Cast Edit

  • SwagmasterAndFriendz as Swag
  • PlayerUnknownFan19 as Trinity
  • Luke Lerdwichagul as Bowser/Trinity’s Nephew
  • Kevin Lerdwichagul as Tour Guide/Trinity & Swag’s Friend
  • Unknown Voice as Yoshi

Development Edit

A cancelled movie called The ROBLOX Movie: Survival of the Idiots which rejected by United States of America and reworked into sequel. In April Fools 2019, the employees tell the director for adding Tom & his assistant, but it scrapped for unknown reason.

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