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SMG4 (Long for SuperMarioGlitchy4) was a timeline traveller.


He was born inside the ashes of salty. He currently gay gay. You know what? SMG4 HATES ROBLOX!

The ROBLOX Movie

In Part 1, she moved to Robloxia City due Mushroom Kingdom became noisy. Later she seen with DanTDM watch PlayerUnknownFan19 get arrested by police, she only took camera.

In Part 2, she see everyone upset for get car destroyed, until he said him to go home.

The ROBLOX Movie: Glitched in Time

She appears as protagonist.


  • Burger
  • Porkchop
  • Playing games
  • Making a video
  • Have more fans


  • Being late for making the video
  • Spaghetti
  • School
  • Have less fans


  • She appears in his active series that includes mature rating.
  • SMG4’s fan thought what his thoughts are:
    • In-person, SMG4 hates spaghetti, which is referenced in Super Mario University.
    • He was 20 years old (at the time).
    • His colors are, a Blue cap, arms, and shirt, and white overalls.
    • His favorite game is Super Mario 64.
    • His favorite non-Mario game is Team Fortress 2.
    • His favorite food is rice and chicken.
  • SMG4 joined YouTube on February 13, 2009, although he didn't post a video until May 7, 2011. Most likely due to only being 9-10 years old at the time, hence not having any idea of how to make videos.
  • Starting in SMG4: Mario's Illegal Operation, SMG4 now has his own voice clips, done by Luke Lerdwichagul.
  • SMG4's color code may be based on the color skin for Player 4 in the minigame Mario Bros. Battle in the Super Mario Advance series.
  • SMG4's birthday is on May 24 and is 20 years old; meaning he was born on May 24, 1999.
  • SMG4's character is shown to be a meme dealer in newer episodes, such as Mariotube 2.