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SMG4’s Fashioned Game Shop is runner up game shop owned by SMG4. It has 1000 games, 634 consoles & 100000 amiibo.



SMG4 found that game shop in January 2010. He also has 99 games & 204 consoles before.

The ROBLOX Movie

It made first appearance in Part 1. After the twins stop in The Red Blurry Mall. SwagmasterAndFriendz & PlayerUnknownFan19 meets SMG4 & tell him how she founds the shop. Then SMG4 tell him she founds previously before he lives in Mushroom Kingdom. After that, SMG4 tells him what SwagmasterAndFriendz & PlayerUnknownFan19 want to buy. Swag want to buy that port of Link Awakening while Trinity want to buy Monsters, Inc.: Scream Team before he goes home.

The ROBLOX Movie: Different But Brain Dead

While shop not appearing, it appears as photo in The ROBLOX Album.

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