R.S.S. is a rival company to Mad City Police Department.

Information Edit

“ROBLOX Secret Service is the company which keeps ROBLOX secret to prevent the police.” - Tom

History Edit

Pre-film Edit

Tom & Tom’s Assistant start own this company in January 2008. It originally called “Anti-ROBLOX HQ” before it changed to R.S.S. in early 2012.

The ROBLOX Movie Edit

After Tom & his assistant pranking Trinity get arrested, she locked RWBY Noggin as victim. Trinity & Swagmaster69696969696 sneaks here to shoot Tom. In the checkout line, Trinity saw the unnamed checkouter saw the intruder bring ROBLOX things & she kick him out. So she sneaks & prank the man. It was destroyed when Tom turn into a monster.

The ROBLOX Movie: Different But Brain Dead Edit

Bacon General lead this company after Tom died.

Victims Edit

Trivia Edit

  • SMG4 was gonna be the employee in RSS as 2nd lieutnant.
    • It was noticed in the movie that SMG4 leaves RSS in January 2010 & make his own game shop before he enters Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Bacon General leads the RSS after Tom died.
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