This is pre-release & development.

Design Edit

SMG4 Edit

Paper SMG4

SMG4 has unused design called Paper SMG4, it look like Paper Mario artwork but it scrapped in final version.


It look like military tank but it was scrapped.

As the result, there’s only 1 seats, but it was replaced with 2 seats in final version. In comic, there was Swagmaster69696969696 sit inside the cannon.

Egg Tank Early Artwork

Voices Edit

DrTrayBlox Edit

At the post ending he says “WOULD I TAKE THE REST AT SMG4’S HOME”, found at the game files. In final version, he replaced with “Aww, man. Can we go home now?”

Trinity Edit

Trinity has a 3 unused voice, There “sad face”, “Hey, Whazzup” and “That’s me!” found at the game files.

Swag Edit

There also unused voice for SwagmasterAndFriendz including “I act bad, Trinity...but most of the time... I'm terrified.”, "Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!". “I hope you're happy, Aymor. You've destroyed this City! ROBLOXIA is dead! Where will everyone get their blocks now?! The energy crisis will only get worse because of YOU!” and "Welcome to the ROBLOX World!" can be found inside the movie files.

Characters Edit

Desti Edit

Desti is coming for become a actor, she with a star glasses, cowboy hat & watchphone, but it was deleted due to his funeral & replaced with RWBYNoggin.

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