This is a outtake for all movie.

This is first movie to have outtakes.

  • When Trinity says goodbye to Swag, they don’t know how to saying “I gonna go home now.” propely. A bacon guy, is onscreen to end the takes.
  • When Trinity says hello to SMG4, it was Bowser who in disguise.
  • When Trinity gonna escape the prison, they says “To infinity and beyond!” then fell down cause him being zapped.
  • When Tom do a experiment with infected serum, they accidentally put the stone cause them to get exploded.
  • Swag are trying to drive, but he accidentally use Override Mode & it became crazy.
  • DanTDM says bye-bye to all ROBLOX gamers, YouTubers, supporters & viewers. Then she ask him don't forgot to watch post credits. But his legs are cold.

If you buy CD, it named as “The ROBLOX Bloopers” & there is a middle outtakes:

  • When Tom shoot his assistant, he replied them the bullet made out of gummy. Everyone include Trinity laughs.
  • Tom fells into the mutant liquid, but it was ink instead of liquid.

This is the second movie to have outtakes.

  • Weiss Schnee fell into the cliff.
  • RWBYNoggin smoke weed while playing dead.
  • Ruby was trapped in a cave.
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