This is a reference of Monsters, Inc. in the movie.

The ROBLOX Movie Edit

  • When two of them cross the road, a several references are:
    • A three characters who resembles Mike, Sulley & Boo are driving monster truck.
    • CDA’s car can be seen. But in left & right corner, a text “Crime Detection Agency” appeared instead of “Child Detection Agency”.
  • In the deleted scene “Sam the Victim of Tom”, a scribbled vent that reads “1, 2, 3, Mike Wazowski!” appeared with Boo wearing monster costume waving two arms.
  • When twins enter SMG4’s game store, Monsters, Inc.: Scream Team appeared outside.

The ROBLOX Movie: Different But Brain Dead Edit

  • Inside the airplane, Ruby Rose still watching Monsters, Inc. on Netflix.
  • PlayerUnknownFan19 & SwagmasterAndFriendz watching “Trinity, Inc.”, a parody of Monsters, Inc.
  • Also James P. Sullivan’s brother, Mike Wazowski & his girlfriend, Celia Mae is appears as cops in ROBLOXIA incident.

Other Edit

  • The character designer draw Trinity as blue Mike Wazowski with ROBLOX cap & ROBLOX themed watch.
  • There also unused voice for SwagmasterAndFriendz including “I act bad, Trinity...but most of the time... I'm terrified.”, "Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!". “I hope you're happy, Aymor. You've destroyed this City! ROBLOXIA is dead! Where will everyone get their blocks now?! The energy crisis will only get worse because of YOU!” and "Welcome to the ROBLOX World!" can be found inside the movie files.

Gallery Edit

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