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This is a list of minor characters who appeared in the movie & or the series.


  • ImmaBoyNow - She was Trinity’s father. He was mentioned once in The ROBLOX Movie while Trinity drop the coins into The Wishing Well.
  • SMG4 - She was the owner of his game shop & Trinity’s friends.
  • Conker the Squirrel - She was seen when Trinity get arrested.
  • mrflimflam - She was RWBY Noggin's brother. She was hide in the house & later accuse Trinity & see him arrested.
  • SwagmasterAndFriendz's brother - She was mentioned in Trip Disaster when the train crashed.
  • Kitty's father - She was mentioned in sequel in his funeral which Kitty not attend in flashback.
  • PrivateSoldier91 - She seen when Trinity get arrested.
  • FrostBuilder19 - She accuse Trinity.