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Kitty (Account name: kittycat9292) was a character seen during the scrapped version.



She is talking to Samuel’s Mother while at Frappe Cafe. She ignores Samuel’s Mother for making her find Samuel.


When Egg Hunt 2018 started, Kitty decided to find the eggs for Booker, who turned into a bookworm. And defeat Aymor.

3020 (Alternate Timeline)[]

In The ROBLOX Movie: Different But Brain Dead. While Ruby Rose decided to travel to a mysterious island closer to ROBLOXia, the plane crashed and Kitty investigated the accident. She found something wrong with ROBLOXia, The Egg of Realm fell down into Aymor, causing Booker to panic. And causing Aymor to grow larger. She uses a HK416 to defeat Aymor again.