This is the list of deleted & changed scenes.

List Edit

Taking a Lift Edit

PlayerUnknownFan19 taught SwagmasterAndFriendz because they need the lift, but then SwagmasterAndFriendz tell him because he want taking a god into control. Then SwagmasterAndFriendz chanting & make wishes to god & teleported to the completed crossing the road scene. It was removed in final version because of religion. A teleportation can be hear and dialogue can be heared in the road scene.

Sam the Victim of Tom Edit

As SwagmasterAndFriendz & PlayerUnknownFan19 watch Tom execute the one of the victim with toxic water pit. They surprised by Sam and he tells story about Tom’s torturing obstacle are dangerous. And then she escaped outside so twos can continue moving in the vent. This is was removed because the director think he has out of bounds.

Alternate Prison Escape Edit

This scene start with PlayerUnknownFan19 dig the ground but he only had a spork, so he used toilet and fell to sewer, he sneak around but he bump into the Sewer Medic & being chased. Then he saw the opened gutter & escape the prison alone. This was changed to PlayerUnknownFan19 escape the prison by using the grappling hook & escape with SwagmasterAndFriendz.

Alternate Opening Scene Edit

The scene begin with the ROBLOX Productions & DSA Studios logo, then the scene take place in underground shop with SwagmasterAndFriendz drink Kickapoo while PlayerUnknownFan19 playing Fortnite inside the basement. After then PlayerUnknownFan19 return to his homeland. While he go upstairs, he greets SMG4 pick the box where full of memes kept. Then she greets DanTDM in the hallway. They greets everyone. Out the shop, she greets to the screen but she surprised by police & get arrested. This changed in final version which RWBYNoggin get strucked & corrupted by virus, SwagmasterAndFriendz drink the Sprite Cranberry, PlayerUnknownFan19 greets SMG4 with backpack & PlayerUnknownFan19 helps DanTDM with box full of foods & drinks.

Black Friday Reel Edit

This is the deleted scenes made in November called Black Friday Reel, or The November Test. This scenes where PlayerUnknownFan19 accidentally suck SwagmasterAndFriendz into the Nintendo Switch while he playing games. This is alert his friends & shop staff to his storage attack him and PlayerUnknownFan19 flee from the shop. Until he reach the dead end on Grand Canyon. Then the cashier ask his friends & shop staff throw & kill him from a higher place. This result in movie being delayed & pushed back to Christmas 2019.

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